Team - arm research

Aunali Rupani : Principal & Mentor

Philosophy : To identify on basis of Fundamentals, time on basis of technical and outperform on the basis of mass psychology.

Vision : Introduce innovative and path breaking methods in field of Research and Assest management and empower investors to make investing simple.

Belief : Self Educated professional with 14 years of market exposure and strong values and vision, believe that there is no replacement for knowledge and true mantra for success lies in implementing it.

Farokh Daruvala : Research Head

Personal profile : His objective in life is to excel in the field of Fund Management & research. He strongly believes that performance is a key factor for Success and there is no substitute for that.

Job profile : Mr. Daruvala was associated with major corporate houses such as Tata Oil HCC & Swissair Group in a career span of over 25 years. He has enriched experience in the field of financial accounting & fund management for debt as well as equity.

Hasnain Noorani : Jr.Research Analyst.

Mr. Hasnain Noorani is DFM (Diploma in Finance Management) from SIMSR (Somayia Institute of Management Studies & Research). He was working with Sahara Group in Finance dept for a period of 3 years.Aim in life to grow & acquire expertise in the field Fundamental Research.


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