Mr. Aunali Rupani

Mentor and Principal of a research unit named “arm research” with total strength of 18 and research team of 4 and Average age of research team of 30 years.

What has worked for us...

Identify stocks at appropriate valuations with a higher margin of safety.

Assessing the quality of management through interactions with them & comparing the projections with their actual performance.

Evaluate the Value and Cost competitiveness of the company along with its scalability prospects.

To have a constant quest for companies that can transform from caterpillar to a butterfly.

Methodology :

Conduct extensive Sectoral research with the vision and the ability to foresee its growth prospects in years ahead.

Monitor changes in Domestic and World economy & impact of changes in the Government policies on the sectors.

Focus on event based activities that can bring a turnaround/trigger in the Company/Sector performance.

Focus on the Small & Midcap stocks in sunrise sectors with the potential to join the Multi bagger league.

   Thought for the Week

A man of Wealth has many Enemies, while a man of Knowlegde has many Friends.

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